Every step we take leaves a positive outcome on the world around us.

Born Slow

When we think about fast fashion and sustainability, often the focus is on pay rates, worker conditions, and “who made your clothes?”  While we care deeply about these issues, we recognize an even bigger part of the puzzle is the excess of items created.


Stockrooms full of unsold inventory are a waste of energy, resources, and materials. This extra unsold product then gets marked down repeatedly and eventually dumped in landfills or burned; huge wastes. That’s why we are part of the slow fashion movement and responsible consumption.


Instead of mass production, we make each piece individually. All interior seams are finished as French seams, lace is hand sewn, labels attached by hand. Many are made bespoke-on-demand, so there’s no excess stock.

New life

At the very core of Lindy Lindy are vintage and antique linens which are given new life through our designs. This is precisely how it all began: when experimentation with upcycling old linens became the seed of an idea for something to share with more people. 


The softness and delicate beauty of these embroidered treasures lend themselves to making gorgeous loungewear with a lived-in, passed down from my chic grandmother feel.


Hand made in Spain

With a small atelier already in motion for our sister brand, Sewing and the City, the start of production was quite organic.  But as the idea for Lindy Lindy grew, so did the need for more hands.


It was right here in our own neighborhoods that we were able to assemble a small group of seamstresses with a passion for French sewing…and an appreciation for how we were doing things differently.


Each piece is hand cut and hand sewn in Valencia, Spain by women who infuse care and love into your garment with each stitch.

Made to order

Back to our original point about not making more clothing than we think can find good, loving homes for…


We have a “Made to Order” option where you can choose the linen you love, in the style you prefer, made-to-order in your perfect size and shipped to you 30 days later.


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